We address the unique needs of each segment effectively

CETIN Hungary is a multi-faceted organisation that services a variety of customer segments, including government, logistics, and manufacturing. With our end-to-end product portfolio and tailored solutions, we effectively address the unique needs and challenges of each segment.


CETIN Hungary manages a high-quality telecommunications infrastructure portfolio that comprises a range of mobile access networks, an extensive backbone network, and an aggregation network. Our infrastructure portfolio allows us to provide a very unique combination of telecommunications services. We are prepared to enable our partners to quickly and cost-effectively transition to 5G.


Telecommunications networks play a vital role in providing effective and reliable Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) services by providing effective communication, coordination, and reaction during emergencies and crisis situations. Also, the management of drones, such as air-to-ground-to-air (AGA) UTM systems, requires a comprehensive telecommunications network solution. When there is public safety at stake, CETIN Hungary is a trustworthy partner that offers a variety of services for PPDR and other government agencies that demand the most reliable telecommunication services with 100% availability.


The latest mobile networks are enabling the development of Internet of Things (IoT) applications and private network solutions, linking manufacturing machines and enabling factory automation, wearable technologies, and streamlined industrial processes. For challenging applications in industrial environments, we offer cutting-edge solutions that provide the precision and speed required. We can also deliver personalized SLAs tailored to industry-specific requirements, built on our state-of-the-art 5G infrastructure.

Real Estate and Development

In both commercial and residential properties, robust communications services are vital to attract and retain customers, as businesses and families demand reliable Internet connectivity and advanced telecommunications solutions. CETIN Hungary has unrivaled experience in developing complex connectivity solutions for high-demanding properties such as sports stadiums, industrial complexes, shopping malls, hotels, or high-rise residential buildings. CETIN Hungary is capable of building and operating network-independent telecommunications infrastructures that can adapt to the evolving Internet usage caused by the Home Office and digital media. This makes sure that residents can stay "always on and always connected" in their dream homes. 


In a hugely competitive industry such as logistics, it is essential to incorporate the latest technologies, follow digitalization trends, and establish sustainable operations. Digitising analog processes makes logistics companies more competitive. However, in order to accomplish these processes, it is vital to create a modern telecommunications infrastructure that provides the basis for a variety of digital platforms and solutions such as OCR gateways, digital twin systems, and intermodal transport. CETIN Hungary is helping to build the core telecommunications infrastructure as well as a private mobile network (PMN) system that can be the cornerstone of process optimisation.

Transport and Railway

Our state-of-the-art telecommunications networks can make real-time broadband communication between trainsets easier and more convenient, enable train management systems, provide seamless coordination between train operators, and allow broadband connectivity within trainsets. Our network infrastructure makes it possible for signaling and station management systems to function flawlessly, thereby increasing the safety and efficiency of rail and road transport. We are supporting the testing and deployment of future autonomous mobility solutions.