Employee Stories

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CETIN Hungary's goal is for the organization and individuals to develop together. We take pride in the valuable contributions of all our colleagues, whose exceptional work and expertise significantly contribute to our success. In recognition of these outstanding achievements, CETIN organized an internal employee vote to nominate individuals for the Champion of the Year award, acknowledging exceptional performance throughout the year.  
Judit Kübler-Andrási came back from Germany to be head of CETIN Hungary, which has an annual net sale close to 50 billion HUF. She speaks so naturally about her recently acquired CEO position as if it was the most natural thing in the world for women to lead large technology companies. In addition to the strengths of women, she also spoke to Marketing&Media magazine about the relationship between CETIN and Yettel, the differences between corporate cultures and the plans of the young company.  
In line with global trends, the first telecom infrastructure providers have already been established in Hungary: two of the three Hungarian mobile operators have separated part of their infrastructure into separate companies. But what is the logic and business model behind these moves? Our guest author answers these questions.