Recruitment process

Learn more about our selection process to help you prepare for interviews and understand what's ahead. 
Our recruitment process
Wondering what steps will take you to become part of our team? Now we will show you the steps of our selection process. 


Submit your application for the selected position  

Phone screening

If your application is relevant, the HR team will contact you for a short phone call 


1. round interview After a successful pre-screening, the interviewing process begins. During the first round, you meet the direct manager of the area. 
2. round interview If the meeting was successful, we invite you to a second interview, where you get to know the top manager of the area.  (If the immediate supervisor is the top manager of the field, then this interview round will be skipped. )
3. round interview During the last interview, the company meets the CEO of CETIN Hungary during an informal conversation.

Job offer

At the end of the selection process, after successful completion of the interviews, we will give you an offer 

Onboarding process

If you accept the offer, we will provide you with all the information related to the entry process