We strive to deliver tailored and flexible services for the benefit of your customers

Mobile Network Services

Thanks to our 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G advanced and 5G mobile network infrastructures, CETIN Hungary is perfectly positioned to support Hungarian customers in the design, implementation and operation of mobile network infrastructures.

Our services include passive infrastructure and active RAN infrastructure sharing in all generations of networks which CETIN Hungary offers including backhaul transmission and interconnection enabling wholesale network services. We provide site planning, site construction and maintenance as well as full network monitoring and field engineering tasks.


Connectivity Services

CETIN Hungary provides secure and reliable networking to partners who need to provide data, voice and Internet services. We design optimal solutions using a wide range of technologies at speeds from 1 Mbps to 100 Gbps. We are able to deliver data connectivity across several cities and European cities ranging from Frankfurt, Prague, Vienna, Budapest to Sofia and Belgrade.


IT Services

The technology functions offered through support and management, are the foundation to any organization. Without strong IT management, businesses cannot effectively manage security risks, strong connectivity and consistent performance from their chosen IT solutions. CETIN Hungary provides IT services to partners who need datacenters, servers, support for Linux or Windows operating systems, virtualization and databases in form of the hosting, infrastructure as service or IT infrastructure outsourcing. We assist and design the most ideal IT solution to meet our partner´s individual needs and challenges.



The online domain has changed our world bringing limitless choice and information, but it can come at a price. Cybersecurity threats are very real and can make any organization or individual vulnerable. Our role at CETIN Hungary is to protect our partner’s data, systems and networks from invisible attackers by delivering end to end security services from architecture design and solution integration, through operation and maintenance, monitoring and other SOC capabilities. We invest considerably into detection and threat analysis and security, technology and platform management for end user protection. Customers focus is a top priority at CETIN Hungary.

We provide various security services in following domains:

  • Solution design and integration
  • Consultancy and Security Audit
  • Computer security incident management
  • Vulnerability Assessment / Management
  • Threat Management
  • Network and perimeter security
  • Endpoint Security management